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We long to become a resilient, inclusive, self-sufficient off-grid retreat for locals, friends, and family of both. We hope to provide affordable housing for friends. We shall accept local barter and trade as the stronger form of currency and community building. We advocate to protect Alaska's wilderness, resources, and local jobs. We shall pass on maritime and mountain knowledge locals to expand the profession as well as love for this enchanted land.

In June of 2020 Sail Alaska LLC purchased 12 acres of remote raw land and is in the design phase of a lodge/community structure as well as one or two other log improvements 3.5 miles south of Juneau, AK on South Douglas Island. In July 2020 we selectively logged sustainable 2nd growth Sitka-spruce far inside Tenakee Inlet, then sailed this timber to our building site aboard the ole yacht S/V Providenza.

Spring of 2021; construction begins!

By spring of 2022 I hope to learn enough to personally build eclectic cabins, tree-houses, and yurts to affordably house friends, family and anyone in the community that yearns to live off-grid and boat commute when needed. We need torch bearers in advocacy efforts as well.

Sages. Sometimes I call them matriarchs or patriarchs. The number of old and young, men and women of all shapes and colors - all with an old soul shining with patina of experience and toil, eyes shining with love for all. Fierce even - when unexpected eyes glow in the shadows. These souls are sacred.

My generation and my father's generation living off the land, harvesting game and food - teaching subsistence ways of life to our children. These lessons are sacred.

The ancient forests that remember our first nations of Tlingit and Haida, later sheltered colonial conquerors, and now these same forests are on the front line of our climate emergency. These forests are ancient and sacred. The stunning beauty in an old-growth hammock is awe inspiring and fragile - taking over 500 years to adequately develop the ecosystem. Take it from a logger.. once cut, the forests will never be old growth again.  

Come see what we are building here at Sail Alaska LLC as well as in our community. Come see the fight in my State's capitol and see the front-line of climate defense; help while it matters. Come learn from a community of warriors that live in the same rainforest we fight for. All Lives Matter. You Matter. Every Second matters.

The pursuit of things or money is not our goal at Sail Alaska. We will never take more than we give. This is a shared promise.

The Long Game: About Us
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