Wedding Week Details for Friends & Family - Call for details and come adventure. (no charters in June)

2021-06-12:  2pm to 6pm. Eco-transit Hoonah, AK to Juneau, AK via M/V Jet-Setter. Whales, glaciers and sea-lions with a chance of Killer Whales. Arriving @ S/V Providenza in Juneau via Auke Bay.

2021-06-13: M/V Jet-Setter running the Gastineau Channel to Douglas Harbor with a search for hidden shoals the hard way. We're bringing packrafts.

2021-06-14:  To THE PROPERTY! We're headed out to Serenity Farms to see how the shoreline faired after the latest Taku Williwaw blows. We'll tromp back into the muskeg for an eco-tour and cool some stuff on a bonfire.

2021-06-14 to 2021-06-19:  Catch as much Halibut, Salmon Crab and laughs as possible for the wedding! We want the two families to meet each other and sight-see together.

2021-06-19:  Father & Son host JUNETEENTH awareness feed. Halibut and all the Alaska things we've been harvesting. 

2021-06-20:  SOLSTICE Wedding Day starting with coffee walk at 9am on Sandy Beach. Log cabin fires in the evening after a day at the property luau. Costumes encouraged and adornment from the woods is encouraged. We love solstice and plan to celebrate every year :)

2021-06-21: stay tuned.




I Professionally Deliver Yachts and Boats - call to schedule

How it Works: 

  • I arrive aboard your vessel, inspect it and deliver it. Starting at $300/day plus costs, travel and per diem

  • I professionally deliver for Dream Yacht Charter on the Atlantic in the winter. I also host as a bareboat skipper for $500/day during winter - Call for planning and an estimate

DAY TRIP: $1000    ($170EA)

Same as 1/2 day trip but we can go 2x as far or spend time really getting to know somewhere well into remote Alaska. Access to all the toys and gear. Let's check out that couloir :)

Optionally, I can drop your crew off at one location on one day trip and pick you up on a second day trip - just insert your long backcountry challenge in between. I guarantee extraction if you file your plan with me. Up to ~25 sea miles for planning.


Everything you see included elsewhere. Includes galley, fridge, freezer. Burly jet-boat. Romantic stuff if you want it. An ocean survival instructor next to you in the backcountry with a bunch of cool skills and gear; if needed. 3-people for a good amount of space, 6-people max for a few days is fine. This is the base rate for all listed packages and I have too many free extra excursions to list - hundreds. Some with helicopters.


  1. Maybe this is a la carte? Maybe give a call and we'll chat about it.

  2. Add Chef Amara of The Jorgenson House. for +950/d. This includes Chef sourced provisions, wine pairing & spirit pairings. Book early. If you want me to roll out the red carpet and make this fancy - i will. Chef's Table beachside with bonfire nightly. This is the classic Yacht Service my boat was made for. Any dream you have is now FULLY INCLUSIVE of all our combined skills and knowledge (and literally a personal chef and open bar). Bring your squeeze and eat it up.

  3. Trip Provisioning & Dinner Service by the Capt/crew for +800/d or +300 for a 1/2 day. Price includes crew hire - negotiable.

  4. Day Trip Family Style Meals: Access my pantry, galley, fridge & freezer and we'll all eat together for +200/d

  5. Adventure Gear in the Bin:  Sailing, Stand Up Paddle Board, Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Top Rope Ice Climbing, Ice Cave Exploration, Glacier Tours, Helicopter Tour, Mountaineering, Hiking, Trail Running, Whitewater Rafting, Fly-fishing, Surfing, Halibut Charter, Salmon Charter, Kuiu 4800cc Hunt Pack, Leupold Rangefinder, Spotting Scope, Capt as your sherpa, 200hp hardcore custom aluminum jet-boat for running up rivers, 4hp dinghy for beach landings and saloon raiding parties.